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Some Information About Hand-tied Wigs And Lace Front Wigs

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 6:24:15 AM Europe/London

Hand-tied wigs,the whole wig cap is made of fine mesh. Whilst this type of wig does not have a mono top, as the whole wig is hand tied so still gives the appearance of skin.

Lace front wigs are 100% hand tied as mentioned previously, but with a lace (netted) front to give a realistic *join* at the forehead. These wigs do not need any adjustment to the front of the wig. Lots of 100% hand tied wigs are made this way giving an invisible line around the forehead.

However, some lace front wigs have lace that is left longer at the front of the wig so that it can be trimmed to the customers desired length. This is usually then glued to the hairline to give a realistic look. Either way has the same effect.

How To Make The Full Lace Wigs Last For A Long Time

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 2:53:24 AM Europe/London

When you have a full lace wig, you must want to let it last for a long time. Here are some ways for letting the full lace wigs last for a long time.

Use moisture rich conditioners. Cleanse it using a mild shampoo and clean, cool water. Then use a moisture rich conditioner after. Moisture rich conditioners preserve the moisture in the hairpiece. It will also keep your wig frizz free, soft, and smooth with a natural vigorous glow. It is advised to wash it once in every two weeks. Frequent washing could lead to extensive hair shedding.

Handle it with care. It is a very sensitive wig. To prolong its life, it should be handled with extra care. Delicacy should be practiced when brushing, washing, conditioning and styling this kind of hairpiece. Avoid applying force whenever you are touching it for this could destroy the wig.

Avoid hair sprays and gels. Hair sprays and gels are universally used when styling hair. That is normal and natural hair. Not with a full lace wig. Applying strong styling products could weigh down the wig that will lead to hair fall and drying. The presence of chemicals destroys the quality of the hairpiece.

It is made to uplift a woman's appearance for all occasions that is why it deserves to be taken care of in the best possible way. Indeed, the creation of a full lace wig is one revolutionary contribution in the fashion world.

Through the above ways to trate your full lace wigs, I believe that your full lace wigs can last for a long time.

Tips For Caring For Extension

Thursday, December 21, 2017 5:41:50 AM Europe/London

Hair extensions are a great way to change up your look or lengthen your hair. Extensions blend in with your hair for a natural look that can be styled the same as real hair. Proper care and maintenance of your extensions will keep them looking great! Here are some tips for care for extensions.

1. Remember, your extensions are a high maintenance product and as such you should expect to spend 20-30 minutes a day to care for and style them.

2. Extensions may be uncomfortable to sleep on the first few nights.

3. Your scalp may be slightly itchy the first few days after getting the extensions.

Above the three tips, you can take good care of your extensions.


The Ways To Wash Curly Wigs

Thursday, December 14, 2017 9:02:00 AM Europe/London

More and more people would you like to choose curly wigs. It is becoming a popular fashion through people who wear wigs. But do you know the ways to wash the curly wig? Here are some ways to wash the curly wigs.

1) Wash it in a shallow basin or sink with cool or lukewarm water and a small amount of wig shampoo. Mix the shampoo into the water then, add the wig. Do not rub the wig just swish it around gently.

2) Then gently rinse it off in basin or sink with cool water.

3) Fill the basin or sink again with cool water and mix in a small amount of conditioner. Swish the wig in mixture gently and then remove without rinsing.

4) Lay it out on towels to dry. If needed, pat dry to remove excess water and remember don't rub it.

5) Using a wide tooth comb gently take out the tangles and like always when untangling hair, start at the tips and work your way up to the roots. Then let it air dry on a wig stand.

Through the above ways, you can wash your curly wigs in the right way and your curly wigs can last for a long time.

Ways To Wash Extensions

Thursday, November 23, 2017 5:51:47 AM Europe/London

Here are some ways to wash your hair extensions so as to make it last for a long time.

Gently brush the extensions before you wash them to make sure there are no tangles.

Wash your extensions with a small amount of gentle shampoo, but only after a few days' wear. (NOT baby shampoo, which isn't actually gentle at all.) Make sure to rinse them well so you don't leave a residue of shampoo on the extensions.

Use a small amount of good conditioner, and again, make sure to rinse well afterwards.

Comb them through GENTLY with a wide-tooth comb. (Hair is weaker and more prone to breaking when it's wet).

Brush and comb your clip in human hair extensions carefully - no tugging! Use your fingers and your patience if you come across a small knot.

Never use a rubber band to secure the braid or pony tail. Easy to put on, but difficult to remove, rubber bands will break hair, whether it's yours or on an extension.

Follow the above ways, your hair extensions can last for a long time.

Tips To Care For Real Hair Wigs

Monday, November 20, 2017 2:51:30 AM Europe/London

Real hair wigs are the most popular wigs nowadays. Here are some ways to care for them.

For people who are bald and do not wear a skull cap, you must ensure your scalp is not oily. Oily scalp may create the risk of the wig slipping away or giving it a greasy appearance.
Always place your wig on a mannequin or hair stand after taking it off your head.
Avoid washing your hair wig daily, as it may thin out or break down.
Washing your wig after wearing it 6-8 times during summer and 12-15 times during winter is enough.
The best way to dry a wig is blotting it with a towel and then letting it air dry.
Use a gentle brush to style your wig. Never style when the wig is wet.
Real hair wigs are a cool way to enhance your looks and make a style statement.

If you follow the above stype, your real hair wigs can last for a long time.

Something About Afro Wigs

Thursday, November 16, 2017 2:46:23 AM Europe/London

Afro wigs were not wigs to begin with. It is actually a real hairstyle that is sported by some African Americans, with the shortened name "Afro", which has been based from their dry, curly, and lengthy kinky hair. You may imitate their looks if your hair has such qualities. But for convenience, these wigs have been created so that you could have that afro look without sacrificing your current do. Aside from that puffy standard black look, there are also other Afro wigs that vary in shapes, thickness, largeness of curls, and even color that you can choose from.

In our time, you may have seen Afro wigs once or twice, in various events and activities. They are actually prominent during the Halloween season when people wanted to model a kinky Elvis Presley look, or an old disco dancer with that tight shirt and baggy pants, with sunglasses, beards, and all that. They can also be seen on circus where clowns and other funny characters are wearing single tone wigs in bright colors like orange, neon green or even bubblegum blue. Since these entertainers are fun and colorful, wearing a full-domed rainbow afro is more common. Some modern day celebrities such as Kobe Bryant, Ludacris, and Beyonce Knowles have worn these wigs occasionally, oh and don't forget Sasha Baron Cohen when he performed the funny role of "Borat".

Two Different Kinds Of Hair Style

Thursday, November 9, 2017 6:20:23 AM Europe/London

Although wigs are very beneficial they come in many different styles and combinations. The two main kinds of wigs that you are going to run into is synthetic wigs and natural hair wigs. The different between the two is that one has fake hair and the other consists of real hair.

The best thing about natural wigs is that they do indeed look very real. At times it is almost impossible to tell the difference between it and other fake hair wigs.

If you happen to own a natural hair wig then you are going to have to follow a few simple rules in order to take care of it and make sure it stays looking good after long usage. The most important part of owning any type of wig is cleaning it and washing it. Every kind of wig is different and you are going to have to wash it differently depending on what type it is.

Every model is different so it's a good idea to get as much information as you can before you purchase it. If you are going to be buying a hair wig you need to make the decision of buying a natural wig or a synthetic model instead. If you are unsure about what one to choose, do your research and make sure you make the right decision.

Ways To Care For Full Lace Wigs

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 3:17:26 AM Europe/London

Here are some way for people to care for full lace wigs:


1. Make sure that the full lace wigs are clean. It is recommended to wash the hair at least once a week. After spa, swimming, exercise, etc., the hair needs to be washed at once. The hair will get tangled if sweat and dirt accumulate. And the hair might tangle faster if there is too much leave-in conditioner. Do wash the hair with good shampoo if it feels dry or dirty.


2. Brush the hair from bottom up before washing it. Before you completely wash the hair, you need to wet it gradually and brush it gently. It is very important to wet the hair and brush it step by step, because the hair is easy to get tangled if it is very dry and a lot of water is added at once.


3. Add shampoo and conditioner after wetting the hair, and brush the hair thoroughly. Make sure to wash and brush the hair in one direction. After drying the hair with a towel, you can dry the hair with natural air or dry it with medium heat.


4. Be sure to brush the hair everyday and use some conditioners to keep the hair moist and soft. The hair will not get dry if a good hair treatment is applied. You should wash the hair immediately if it feels too dry.

Why Lace Wigs Are More Popular Than Other Wigs

Thursday, October 26, 2017 9:21:23 AM Europe/London

Lace wigs are chose by more and more people. what a lace wig is? What makes a lace wig different from other wigs?


Aside from being undetectable, this type of wig is also very flexible because you can wear it any way you want to. You can even style it many different ways. Furthermore, this wig will not cause damage to your hair even if you wear it during inclement weather, underwater or in any uncomfortable way that you can imagine. It is not you who will adjust to the wig but it is the wig doing the adjustment for you. The number one issue why many are still hesitant to wear wigs is because they might fall off.


The truth is, lace wigs won't fall off because they have waterproof adhesives that are connected to them. You don't even need to use glues just to get them to stick to your hair line! These products can also last for a long period of time if given proper care. If what you need is a product that can add style, color, texture, body and life to your hair, wear a lace wig and get the results that you want.


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