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Tips To Care For Real Hair Wigs

Monday, November 20, 2017 2:51:30 AM Europe/London

Real hair wigs are the most popular wigs nowadays. Here are some ways to care for them.

For people who are bald and do not wear a skull cap, you must ensure your scalp is not oily. Oily scalp may create the risk of the wig slipping away or giving it a greasy appearance.
Always place your wig on a mannequin or hair stand after taking it off your head.
Avoid washing your hair wig daily, as it may thin out or break down.
Washing your wig after wearing it 6-8 times during summer and 12-15 times during winter is enough.
The best way to dry a wig is blotting it with a towel and then letting it air dry.
Use a gentle brush to style your wig. Never style when the wig is wet.
Real hair wigs are a cool way to enhance your looks and make a style statement.

If you follow the above stype, your real hair wigs can last for a long time.

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