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Cancer Patients Will Be Fine With Wigs

Friday, September 5, 2014 10:24:57 AM Europe/London

Wigs can help cancer patients maintain self-esteem. So widely used cancer wigs, great quality and style differences wig. The patient did not do well to collect all available information on the wig before the final selection. This will be a make patients feel comfortable and more confident choices.

Before you buy your first wig, there are a few things you should know. Most important, you should not buy a wig before you have lost your hair. This is because you will lose volume once your real hair does fall out, and that will likely affect your wig size. Most experts agree that you should shop for  wigs for chemo patients before chemotherapy begins to get a good idea of what's available and to try on a few different looks. But hold off on the purchase until you have lost most of your hair. Some women speed up the hair loss process by shaving their heads.

Talking to your doctor and asking specific questions about the cancer treatment process can help to be better prepared for the hair loss when it occurs. It is a good idea to go to a wig shop before the hair falls out because this will help with choosing the wig that most resembles the natural hair. Some people cut their hair very short before they start losing hair in order to prepare themselves for the complete hair loss. Others only shorten their hairstyle, if they had worn their hair long before because losing hair is less obvious with a shorter haircut. Before buying the wig, patients should check with their insurance if the wig will be paid for. Most insurance policies pay for the wigs for hair loss if it's for medical purposes.

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