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Buying a Human Hair Wig

Thursday, January 28, 2016 2:58:21 AM Europe/London

Human hair wigs are not for everyone. They can be difficult to deal with and if you want to be able to wear a wig that is already styled with no hassle, a synthetic wig may be better for you.


Qualified human hair wigs tend to wash straight and then you have to try and get them back to the style they were purchased. This is not always easy. However, there are also lots of benefits for human hair wigs. You can use heated appliances on them. You can re-style them and dye them if necessary. They can be washed in hot water and normal hair products can be used on them. You do not have this option with synthetic wigs.


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To get the best from your human hair wig, once washed, use good quality conditioner and leave in for a while, up to an hour if you can but 10 minutes is fine! You have to put goodness into the hair to keep it in good, manageable condition. Once you have washed the conditioner out of the wig, leave it dry about 80% before you blow dry it.


When you first get your wig, it may be a good idea to get it cut by a hairdresser. This helps it to look more like "you". The human hair used for wigs is generally Asian hair which is much thicker than European hair so most people DO tend to have the wigs cut to thin them out or layer them into a more manageable thickness. If you have a good hairdresser who is able to cut your wig, it may wise to get it washed and re-styled by them every few weeks if you have difficulty re-styling it yourself.


Generally, human hair wigs last longer than synthetic wigs, but it is down to you and how you treat it as to how long it will last! Some people make them last 12 - 18 months, others only 6 months - some even less! Synthetic wigs last around 3 months if they are worn on a daily basis.

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