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What You Don't Know About African-American Hair

Monday, October 19, 2015 4:24:23 AM Europe/London

African-American Wigs need a lot of time, love and care because of its tendency to become broken and brittle. You should be taking special care of your hair if you relax or texture it. Without special care, your hair will most likely break off and fall out. That's the harsh truth! Putting your hair through that much chemical processing on a regular basis doesn't come without consequence. Here're a few tips on how to save your hair from an undesirable fate.


Wearing African-American Wigs is also a great alternative to relaxing all the time. The biggest mistake that most women make with wigs is that they don't take care of their hair underneath. Ignoring your hair condition doesn't make your hair grow healthier and stronger. Take care of your hair while you're wearing the wig. Don't wear the wig instead of taking care of your hair.


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If you weave African-American Wigs, try your best to get under the weave to apply a moisturizer to your scalp. When washing, don't just wash the weave. Get under the weave to your scalp and try your best to scrub it clean. Give your hair a break between weaves by wearing it natural, braiding it, or wearing a wig. Remember, tight braiding on a regular basis causes breakage at the hairline.


Keeping your scalp moisturized is imperative to having healthier hair. Moisturizing your scalp will help you avoid dandruff and flakes, so use oil or cream to grease your scalp. Pure Jamaican castor oil is a great option which, when rubbed into the scalp, promotes hair growth. Be proactive about your African-American Wigs's health! It's yours so you've got to take care of it.

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