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Secret Of Choosing the Best Lace Front Wig

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 7:36:24 AM Europe/London

Do you always want to have long luxurious hair and wait no more? Human hair lace wigs are the most popular after hair accessories of all times. Women as well as men can instantly rebuild confidence after losing hair due to illnesses and chemical damage. Lace wigs are the most natural wigs that have ever been invented although they have been around for ages on movie sets their importance and fame have grown globally.

The full wig or the hairline is made of a fine lace with hair ventilated into individual holes to allow the hair to appear to be growing from the roots.The cost varies from the inexpensive but very popular synthetic and discount lace front wigs to very expensive human hair hand tied lace front wigs with delicate skin like scalps.

Choosing the best synthetic lace wigs depends on a lot of factors, but the most notable are the look, quality, price and fit. Lace front wigs, like any hair piece, should be chosen to suit the shape of your face and to comfortably fit your head. The quality of lace front wigs varies greatly between manufacturers, but the easiest way to find the best is to look out for authentic French or Swiss lace caps and hand-knotted human hair. The price is not always a reliable indication, but higher-quality wigs will often cost more.

Hand-tied wigs are crafted by having the strands of hair knotted onto the wig cap. This type of knotting creates a much more natural look because the hair fits onto the cap loosely, allowing it to fall in a natural manner. This usually will be a human hair wig, because synthetic hair is generally not hand-knotted. The partings on this type of wig will resemble that of a natural hair parting. The price will reflect the time that goes into creating this type of wig.

Best lace wigs usually use a weft of hair that is stitched to the wig cap. This is quite common in synthetic wig making. They are often cheaper in price and more widely available. The partings will not be as easy to create and will not look as natural, but it is still possible to style this type of wig.

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