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Do You Mind Any Comments On Your Wigs

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 2:55:44 AM Europe/London

People may think about that you have an illness, and some unpleasant types may even try to thow your grey wig away.If you can limit it well,it might not be a problem; but, if you do find yourself wigless due to some fools' idea of a good joke, the best way to try and see interesting aspect. Never be too 'proud' to admit that you wear a wig!

People seem to think that there is something shameful in wearing grey wigs and that it should, as far as possible, be kept secret; but a costume wig is an accessory, just like a necklace, hair falls or even hair extensions. Perhaps if it was treated as such, the practice of wig wearing would become more socially acceptable, and those idiots would stop snatching off people's wigs in an attempt to humiliate them.

So wear your short grey wig with pride; and if anyone calls attention to it, they are probably just jealous of how fabulous your hair looks. It can save you masses of time in the morning, and if you get caught in the rain with it (certainly in the case of Kanekalon wigs), it apparently will not ruin the style. (Although I should point out here that I have never been in a position to experience this personally.)

As a precaution, if your wig does get wet, buy an open wig head stand and hang your wig on it to dry. The open stands allow air to circulate between the fibers.

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