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Different Bob Wigs Style,Different Feeling

Friday, August 29, 2014 9:14:54 AM Europe/London

Bob wigs, short hair Bob hair style never away from fashion stage, also did not leave the line of sight of people.With the constant change of trend, Bob hairstyle also after generation after generation of improvement, innovation, always in fashion.Retro, fashion, in 2014, the latest Bob hair style, with a small change to spin out the different designs and styles.

Workplace Bob

Busy rigorous work, Bob is concise and relaxed, spell able convenient won ol people welcome.Short hair, with a straight vertical effect, bring a pistol fashion and handsome.

Short bob wigs is sunshine

Gold bob wigs is always a big love, Japan mm luster bright golden yellow hair color highlights after long Bob hairstyle, strong sunshine, passionate."M bang modelling, bring good decorate cheek.

Elegant temperament, Bob

Arts of forehead of Bob has a long head, very elegant and temperament, slant red hair color, make modelling more sweet wen wan, have feminine taste.

.For short bob styles, 12 or 14 inches will be better. As we all know, if the hair is too short, the cap trim might be appeared in the back. So it might be perfect to leave 1-2 inches longer than cap trim in the back. Ewigs bob hair style features its even and curving hair trim. But it might be squeezed out of shape when shipping. You can comb the wigs and stylish it, then you can get good looking likes the picture show.

The experts suggested that cleaning the Bob wig takes every two weeks for the people who wear the wig frequently.When cleaning the wig, you need to make sure that wig should be soaked in a small amount of shampoo for 5 to 10 minutes at first, then softly rinse and clean out the dirts adhering on the wig with comb. Don’t clean it with excessive strength. For bob style wigs, we suggest you to choose human hair or texture, real human hair provides a nature look, and soft touch feelings. For hair density, heavier hair density will look more like the pictures show, and it’s convenient for you to style it.

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