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5 Steps Of Caring Wigs

Friday, October 10, 2014 8:20:00 AM Europe/London

Today many men and women choose to wear a wig for a variety of reasons .This can include anything from hair loss or thinning of the hair, or a desire to try out a different look. In order to look their best, the wearer needs to properly care for their wig. There are many products available for wigs, but there are some essentials. These include shampoo and conditioner, liquid mousse, brushes, and styling picks. In addition to the essential wig care products, the wearer should know how different methods of caring for a wig can benefit or damage a synthetic wig depending on whether the wig is synthetic or made from real hair. This guide lists the five must-have wig care products. It also includes information on how to care for a wig and where to source wigs and wig care products.

1. Shampoo

One of the essential care products for a wig is shampoo. This will help clean the wig. The shampoo one should uses depends on whether the wig is synthetic or made of real hair. The only shampoo that should be used on a synthetic wig is one specifically designed for synthetic wigs. For wigs made of real hair, phosphate-free shampoos should be used.

2. Conditioner

After shampooing synthetic lace front wigs, the wearer will need to condition it. This will restore the wig’s original style, and contains a variety of oils that softens the wig and brings out its luster. As with shampoo, there are conditioners for synthetic and real wigs, and it is important to choose the right one. There are both spray and cream conditioners available. Depending on the type of conditioner used, it may be left in the wig or washed out.

3. Liquid Wig Mousse

Liquid wig mousse is essential for anyone who wants to style his or her wig. This is a very important styling tool. If one has a curly or wavy style of wig, all it needs is some mousse and then the wearer scrunches her fingers to create curls and then uses a styling pick to set them.

4. Brush

There are special brushes designed for use with synthetic wigs, and brushes made for regular hair should probably be avoided because they could cause too much tension and break the stands of the wig. Wigs made with real hair tend to be more durable and forgiving, so it may be easier to use a brush with this type of wig. A wire brush should be used to brush a synthetic hair.

5. Picks

Styling picks are essential for caring for a wig, because they tend to be gentler on the hair than a brush. Picks are also very useful for styling a wig as they can help arrange the hair. It is better to choose wide toothed styling picks because they will be gentler on the wig. It may be a good idea to always bring a pick along in case a wig needs touched up on the go.

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